Sevic presents the first electric utility vehicle equipped with integrated vending machines

The Sevic V500 is now available featuring a cargo box with integrated vending machines. The all-electric light utility vehicle can be equipped with up to four vending machines. Due to its compact dimensions and large lithium battery, the V500 provides a flexible platform for a mobile sales solution.

Sevic relies on a trustworthy and experienced partner when it comes to the vending machines.

In a pioneering effort, we have developed a cargo box in cooperation with the vending machine supplier Hokuma GmbH that offers space for up to four vending machines. Sell your products on the go, safe and easy. The combination of a light electric utility vehicle and vending machine will convince you.

Unlike traditional vending machines, our solution offers complete portability. The vending machines are ultra-modern and offer customers contactless payment by debit card, credit card or smartphone. The operation and configuration of the vending machines is very efficient and cost-effective. By mounting them in the Sevic V500, the vending machines are also protected from environmental conditions.

The Sevic V500 with vending machines offers you unlimited installation and vending possibilities.  The Sevic has a range of up to 105km and due to its compact dimensions (only 1.40m wide) it can be placed at a sales location of your choice, even inside buildings.

We equipped our demonstration vehicle with two vending machines at the front end of the box. This allows more products to be stored in the back of the box, behind the lockable roller door, for refilling the vending machines. Next to the vending machines there is enough space for a contactless disinfectant dispenser, so the purchase can be handled sanitarily.

It is also possible to equip the vending machines with a telemetry module for remote monitoring. This way you always have an overview of the current inventory and can plan to restock precisely. This also allows you to monitor the sales of the vending machines in real time. If there is any danger, the vending machine will warn you by e-mail and text message.

The potential applications for the Sevic V500 are almost limitless. The configuration of the shelves and spirals in the vending machine are customizable. Whether many small, or a few large items, there are endless possibilities.

In our application example, the vending machine is equipped with various medical masks. At the current time, these products are in high demand. Besides masks, disinfectant sprays and wipes, disposable gloves and tests can be offered. The V500 with mask vending machine could for example be used at farmers’ markets, in city centers or at recreational facilities. The compact vending machines are specially designed for small products. It is convenient to sell everyday items in the vending machines.

We can mass produce the Sevic V500 with vending machines and offer fast delivery times. We offer you the vehicle for purchase, leasing as well as rental (on request). The vehicle and the vending machines can be customized to your requirement. The vending machines are fully configurable. Our partner Hokuma supports you in the configuration as well as in the ongoing operation. We work together with experienced car wrappers to combine your brand with the vehicle.